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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post

yes, indeed, and my hard drive is also already there. so i should not have to pay anything to get software to put on it? so that i can actually USE my computer?

no.. it is perfectly reasonable to buy a computer without software, and then pay more later to buy software so you can do things with your computer that you couldn't do before. because someone has spent time and effort developing the software.

you seem to be stuck in some bizarre mindset where physical objects have some inherent value based on their potential, rather than their actual functionality.

so maybe i should buy a block of marble and demand that an artist carve a statue out of it, and i won't pay him any more because the statue was already there inside it.

more riddles?

i buy software all the time..its just not crippled before i put ON my hard-drive..nor do i pay for someone else to put it there.

understand now?
i know its there,so its function is to be disabled and enabled for a price is a no no.

its up to you if you if buy a marble block isnt it?

like its up to me if i buy this card,which,is what we are talking about,isnt it?
and no,its NOT bizarre to expect hardware thats already there to be enabled...your bizarre mate if you dont.
and no again,there value means nothing,but since it already has price tag on it with value not set by me,how much do you think its worth...thats what im saying.

i couldnt care less if the card was another 40 euros to enable it all,the point was why not just add the extra 40 and be done with it in the first place?instead of twiddling the thumbs together thinking about what its worth to enable it?
then finding out how many had it done for future refrence for future a test feeler?
the fact it already has a price tag,usually means thats what the person was happy to sell it for? or did i just miss something?

you might not of read that part though.

yes,its choice...
and i dont come here that often,so,i made the choice to comment and to not like the idea.

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