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Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
what is there is important,you pay for what is there...are you blind?
if its already there and you paid £57 for it what do you think its worth
and if its already there,why would it be worth more?

yes, indeed, and my hard drive is also already there. so i should not have to pay anything to get software to put on it? so that i can actually USE my computer?

no.. it is perfectly reasonable to buy a computer without software, and then pay more later to buy software so you can do things with your computer that you couldn't do before. because someone has spent time and effort developing the software.

you seem to be stuck in some bizarre mindset where physical objects have some inherent value based on their potential, rather than their actual functionality.

so maybe i should buy a block of marble and demand that an artist carve a statue out of it, and i won't pay him any more because the statue was already there inside it.
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