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Originally Posted by ovale View Post
The unlock code entitle you to a replacement in case it should not work on your card.
Is it correct?
Not entirely. The license code allows you to use the feature "forever". Should it turn out to be instable, the warranty extends to the license only: You get a return code, the card "answers" with a confirmation code, and once I have that, I can give you your money back. This is the "safeguard", in case your ten trial runs of unlimited time were not used properly for testing (that's "ten times power-up", and while the unit has power, it'll run at all speeds you want it to).

Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
IMHO, the reason this type of licensing is a bad idea for ACA-1221 is because I want Jens to get paid for his work, rather than having some 'keygen' appear in the near future. At the same time it would be great fun to try and code such a tool...see my point? if you successfully hack it, you'll contact me instead of publishing everything you've found? That would be true hacker ethics!

Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
i dont need the after sales gloss rubbish for something thats already there,just crippled so i cant use it unless i pay more for the privilege.
This train of thoughts seems pretty similar to hopping on a bus and refusing to pay, because it's driving my direction anyway. Try to explain that to the person that wants to see your ticket...

Originally Posted by ovale View Post
So the savings comes from standardization, less testing, ability to use 2nd choice memory. Then it is just a game of probablity and product placement.
This is plain wrong. Memory is fully tested and guaranteed. It's just the CPUs that are rated 16.67MHz, so they *may* not work at higher speeds. Memory is brand new. The refund system also works on memory, but that's just for completeness. It is not a requirement.

Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
Would it make a cheaper upgrade for ACA500 owners?
Yes, that's why I started to design the ACA1221.

Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
Something I was wondering... what happens if the end user has paid the 40 euros to unlock the card... you then decide to add the RTC option... the RTC option then detects Jen's birthday and it disables the card asking you to pay another 40 euros (i.e. subscription!?)
That would be plain illegal. Besides, the CPLDs and the EEPROM don't know about the current time and date. No matter how hard I'd try, there is no way to get this information into the part of the design that checks licenses.

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