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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Is this really something worth getting upset with? Frankly, I dont see the problem.
First of all, Jens said its an "experimental feature", this unlock thing. If it works well. he will use it in future products, if not well, then this may be the first and the last card with that feature.

You are saying that why not sell the damn thing fully unlocked for €40 more.. well by doing that, he is removing choice for some ppl. Why would that be better than having the option to buy something affordable and unlock at a later date (like when they have €40 lying around or something)?
And the way I see it, its fully possible for a retailer to sell a "unlocked" edition for the €40 more where they already put the unlock code in for you.

Personally, I totally get why Jens is doing this, I dont always agree with how he does things (Amiga reloaded, anyone? :-) ), but this one seems like a concept worth testing and I see no real reason to complain.

im not getting upset.

if they had forty euros lying around they can afford to buy it full on,cant they?

its an opinion,silence can be taken as in,saying nothing.
and if its accepted then whats next,unlockable motherboards thats crippled in some way for retro computers? hmm.
feeling the way for what i wonder? for a bit of extra cash...when its already there...
like,or dont like...its a crappy idea but if you like it fair enough.
i dont live in a world of likes alone ,like facebook,so here i am in an open forum.
expressing my opinion.
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