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Hey Drake1009

On one hand you're altering the program which is against most EULAs at least today
Anyone can put anything they like in a EULA, whether it's got any LEAGLE value is another.

If I BUY a product, I can alter/customise that product in any way I see fit. I can literaly do any thing I want to it and there's not a dam thing the manufacturer can do about it, no matter who they are.

e.g. If I buy a new bike, and decide that day-glo puke is not what I want, I can take a can of paint and re-spray too m, and theirs f-all the bike maker can do about it. I can do the same thing with trainers or shoes or a jacket OR software.

The only thing I can't do is re-sell it as a new, original product, purporting to be from the original manufacturer, as that WOULD be ileagle. Although I'm perfectly entitled to re-sell it as seconed-hand goods, with no come-back at all.

So despight what Micro$cum wish you to thingk, altering software for your own use is leagle, and they can swivel Hard!

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