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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
It's called marketing. If you want to buy it all just make that. If not you have the cheapest accelerator.

They know what they sell more and at what prices, you don't. That's called market studies. It can generate also some publicity or just get more buyers.

yep,if he knows this then there is no need to do it this they will already sell.
its not like its a high end card that needs unlocks,not that any card would need it...

as for publicity...people will like it or not...its their choice not jens's,thats why there is an opinion its human nature.
saying something is good isnt good for everyone.

personally i would rather see the engineering head than the salesman head that jens shows.
i dont need the after sales gloss rubbish for something thats already there,just crippled so i cant use it unless i pay more for the privilege.
there is selling something and selling something.i would rather someone sell me something once for the thing i have.
you like it,then you like wont mean i have i have to.

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