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roy bates
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i dont think its an interesting or good concept for retro hardware at all.

if all jens wants is an extra 40 euros to unlock then unlock the damn thing to start with and sell it...and be done with it and include the software its supposed to have.
but,the price is already out there with the hardware already on the card but crippled in a way that requires a code to unlock it...hmm
cnt really complain about not making money if you set the release price yourself can you? lol

i mean thats all jens wants isnt it? to sell his hardware...fair enough.
i wouldnt want to unlock something it already has,or am i missing something?

or maybe this a feeler for future exploits people will be looking forward to with exited breath?,maybe it is.
i mean,you accept it you get more? right?

is that a good thing? acceptance? time will tell.
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