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Oops, have't seen this post.

I think it wouldn't work (at least with current IR receiver firmware). It doesn't say what kind of remote it is. It could be made to work with it, but first you'd need to record codes it sends and then add them to the firmware. Not really hard, but you'd need arduino board.

This is the remote I used, here are two, only difference is color, one is white, the other one is black

Thing is they're universal remotes that cycle through supported codes while you keep mute button pressed. My firmware "listens" for these codes and when it recieves mute code it recognizes it blinks it's led to let you know remote is on correct IR code set.

Other remotes might work, but depending on the way they cycle through codes it could be harder to tune it. I hardcoded 4 code sets (2 + 2, sets switchable via jumper), one of them should correspond to LG remotes and the other to Sony remotes (other two I don't know, I had these TV's so I know they reacted along with GOTEK). So if you set your remote to Sony or LG codes it might work.
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