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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post you prefer to see different versions, causing even more cost? Look at RapidRoad: The X-Surf-100 version is not only cheaper by 30,- EUR because of a few cables. It's mainly the development that I've put into the clockport interface that you're paying the added EURs for.

With the ACA1221, you have the choice not to pay for certain features that also need to be accounted for in some way. If you think it's worth it, you pay the price. If you don't, you have a cheaper card that does everything you want it to.

The only reason to complain here would be to not accept paying for development cost. Is that what you're trying to tell me? Should I work for free?


i dont see any different versions? do you?

its a crippled card from the factory that needs a code to unlock the features it already has.

are you saying you dont make any money from this card as it is?

if so,why on earth are you selling it for that price,sounds stupid to me.

why not just unlock all the features and add the damn 40 euros your trying to get from the start and be done with it.

maybe you could enlighted us to this line of thought?
at the end of the day,people will like it or not...your taking a risk that you already know is risky,i dont see anywhere where your asking for an opinion on this pay to unlock feature...until now.

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