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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
8>< ------
I am still hoping for something to replace my aging Blizzard 1260 cards, and preferably offer more and faster RAM. An ACA1260 (with full 060 and as much RAM as possible) to be offered together with Amiga Reloaded would be swell. But I am not holding my breath.
A Vampire 1200 comes to mind as a more cost effective high end solution, doesnt it? ;-)

Not sure how many *genuine* (RC)060's are around and available these days even if Jens could produce a decent card.
(In any case it would probably make more sense to do a dual design that accepts both 040 and 060's with jumpers for the right voltage for each CPU rather than a pure 060 card as 040 availability is better....
but I doubt very much such a card could be produced at a decent price... it would have a tough time competing with the Vampire (both on price and performance).
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