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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
You pay to unlock features locked in the firmware I guess.
Its weird, but from a manufacturers standpoint it makes sense, since making multiple production runs with various config would be more expensive and this card is all about keeping costs down.
...especially the cost of testing if a CPU is overclocking-stable - correct.

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
But could someone explain why one would underclock the 020 to 9MHz?
Game compatibility, cooling. Also, we're working on a tool that dynamically adjusts CPU speed depending on CPU load. Just because we can ;-)

Originally Posted by jimbob View Post
Very decent basic accelerator for that price. Does seem a bit smelly though, I would guess there is virtually zero profit on the base model.
Correct - it's a test of a new business model. If it's a success, I'll use it on future products as well.

Originally Posted by jimbob View Post
No prices for the unlocks?
21MHz overclock is 5,- EUR
28MHz overclock is 15,- EUR
Maprom is 5,- EUR
9MB->17MB upgrade is 8,- EUR
9MB->33MB upgrade is 15,- EUR
9MB->63MB upgrade is 22,- EUR

Upgrading from 21MHz to 28MHz and from mid-memory to higher memory is also possible, but I haven't decided on prices yet. All depends on the level of automation that I can implement.

Sales of these codes cannot start yet, as some EU tax details aren't covered yet (new EU laws about taxing download/digital products). Also, it wouldn't make sense to sell them before the actual card is there, as the serial number of the card must be entered to find out the license code.

Kolla: If it's cracked, it will just be cracked for a single card, and for the next, you need to do all the work again. Hardly worth the trouble for just over 40,- EUR.

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