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Ok my friends... now that I read what all you wrote I must admit I had a wrong/false information (since I was a teenager): I thought that all signal outputs from consoles/Spectrum/C64/Amiga lores modes/Dreamcast lores modes/Nintendo 64/etc. were interlaced.
Now I learned that, as you say, all those resolutions showing scan lines are the result of a progressive signal (e.g. 288p) being output from the console/microcomputer. I really didn't know .

I have a question, though. Some years ago I recorded, with a common VHS Panasonic VCR, the output from an Amiga game (lores). And it was recorded fine (I don't remember if the scan lines were visible on the video registration too, though)! Some of you said that 288p signal cannot be broadcasted without being first converted to interlaced and suffer a quality loss, but this souldn't be true since I was perfectly able to record that game (using the A520 modulator)...

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
oh so those are "sideways" interlace!
Exactly .

Also, am I right if I'm saying that Amiga interlaced (hires) modes flicker so badly not only because they really are - well - interlaced, but even because the Amiga is not fast enough to produce them at the correct PAL display rate?
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