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Hmmm, it looks like there will be no similar Extreme Computing Show this summer:


Q: Will there be another Extreme Computing event this summer (2003)?

A: Probably not. There's a number of reasons for this - we were hanging on to see what happened with a (rumoured) big retro games event in Brighton, and an (even more rumoured) return of the Access All Areas computer security conference, but at time of writing (May 1st, 2003) neither have materialised yet. Consequently, we haven't made many plans of our own about having another event like last year's during the summer period.

That said, there's a chance we might get involved with a smaller event (like the Haddocks' Take It Outside) if we can get a few interesting speakers together, plus there's a fair chance we'll organise a larger Extreme Computing-style event towards the end of the year, probably in the run-up to Christmas.

The best place for the news on either of these will be NTK, which is a weekly email newsletter which you can subscribe to, and then angrily delete it if it wasn't what you'd hoped for.

Thanks for taking an interest!
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