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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
If I remember correctly, Sensible World of Soccer also suffers from slowdown on the 68060 so I don't think Frontier is unique in this case. I found this in an old thread aout SWOS:
And that's interesting too, since SWOS runs perfectly on my 68060, though I am using WHDLoad for it so it's possible there's some compensatory mechanism in the loader somewhere that works around the issue.

As for Elite: Dangerous, it's a pity you and others feel that way about it. I didn't back it because I wanted to see how it turned out before buying it, but ended up buying it on release and have been playing it solidly since then. To me it feels very like Frontier, with the only thing missing being planetary landings. Of course, that's just my personal view on it, and I know you're not alone in being disappointed. Hopefully No Man's Sky can live up to the hype and fill that gap - it certainly looks fantastic!
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