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Thank you soooo much!
Now I can create directories with Icon images!
Yes! Directory Opus 4.12 works perfect in old Amigas! I am emulating a basic A500 (with no fast ram, etc.) and it works great.
The problem that I am still having is that I canīt install it properly (like WP4.1) . The system still ask for the disks. I have done what you said me before but nothing is working. I install the software using this in CLI:

SYS:> copy df0: wb1.3Opus

and after I write in ED what you have said me before. But nothings happen, still system ask for disk! I will try again.

I canīt use WB2.0 because I donīt have money to spend in my hobbies. I will use the 1.3 ROM and WB 1.3 until i have some money to invest in my Amiga. Since then...
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