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Stupid questions from a newbie

Hi all!

Finally I bought an Amiga 2000 that is in the service for changing the battery and do the cleaning. I am using WinUAE with WB 1.3. When my AMIGA 2000 will be ok I will use it only for write my articles (not PDF, not Email) in txt. I will use Word Perfect 4.1 for this. But I am training myself using WinUAE and I have some questions (really stupids):

1.- I am creating in CLI directories using "makedir" command. But when I go to my hard drive I can´t see any icon there. For example: I type "makedir WP4.1" and I can see in CLI the directory but not in the GUI.

2.- For have a good tool I want also to install Directory Opus 4.12 but when I type "copy df0: wb1.3/DirOpus all" the cli start working but when I reset the computer and if I go to cli (because I can´t see the icon) the amiga say me that "please insert volume DirOpus in df0:". I want only to install in my hard drive to don´t have to insert disks everytime that I want to start a program. Same problem with WP4.1!

3.- How can I install in my system?

Thank you guys!
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