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How come it's called Abandonware and not Abandonedware?
"Abandoned Software" - both words are shortened, not just the first one. But why exactly this term? You'd have to ask the founder of Mobygames about that, he was one of the people who came up with the term

Originally posted by Pyromania
What sites can I go download this software that noone wants me too? Even though they have it on their website.
There is a difference between (objective) legal status and (subjective) views of webmasters. None of these sites say you shouldn't download those games, they only say it's illegal and that the visitors should be aware of that. I don't see what the fuss is about anyway. This forum follows "Abandonware rules", too. There isn't a reminder that it's illegal, but that doesn't change facts. The concept shouldn't be alien to anyone here. Why the uproar about other people who are doing exactly the same thing?

I presume downloading a cracked copy of a game would be illegal weather you own a copy or not.
As Drake said, it depends on the EULA of this specific game. With games of the age such as Champions of Krynn, there is normally no clause explicitely forbidding you to modify the game for your own private use. And let's not forget most old games gave you a guarantee for replacement of the media it came on even after many years. I don't see the companies honouring that.
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