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AKReal 8.5 live update released!

We are happy to announce the release of the new update of AKReal – the unofficial conversion of AmiKit for real Amiga machines.

This on-line update is delivered to your AKReal installation via its Live Update feature. Simply boot your AKReal and the new update will be found automatically. Just confirm and install. This update will need at least 180MB of free space on your HD and it will take some time.

Full installation archive is available for free from

AKReal 8.5 update by Retrofan installed on top of AmiKit 8.5

- ADDED: WBDock2 2.5 by Thomas Rapp.
- ADDED: LittleClock by Thomas Rapp.
- ADDED: CheckFreeSpace 1.0 by Thomas Rapp.
- ADDED: CardPatch V1.2 and CardReset V3.0 by Artur Pogoda.
- ADDED: "AmiKit 8" visual Theme by Ken Lester with the "AmiKit PC" setup using Better Config.
- ADDED: ShapeShifter 3.11 by Christian Bauer.
- ADDED: Mac wallpaper and an A1000 wallpaper by Thomas Koch.
- ADDED: MorpheuZ option to install the Indivision MKII drivers and some configurations.
- FIXED: 247DrumNBass stream.
- FIXED: KissStory stream and logo changed.
- FIXED: Beatlesradio stream.
- FIXED: Reboot program.
- FIXED: Jabberwocky.
- CHANGED: Image of Start Menu "Magellan_bar_Logo" used for 16 colors.
- CHANGED: MCP preferences. Trackdisk On to avoid clicking sound of the floppy and RamPatch to fix the RAM disk showing the true amount of memory used, instead of 100% all the time.
- CHANGED: MorpheuZ and "Better Config" program.
- CHANGED: IBrowse and AWeb preferences: Spoof as MSIE 5.5 and Google fastlink.
- CHANGED: Startup-Sequence.
- CHANGED: FBlit config for CyberBugFixAga.
- CHANGED: Updated ScummVM 1.5.0 for 030 by Novacoder.

Many thanks to Thomas Rapp (lots of contributions this time), Peter Keunecke, Jens Schönfeld for the Indivision drivers, Artur Pogoda, Christian Bauer, Novacoder and Tommes for his wallpapers:

The Mattahan's Icons Set will be updated soon on the site just like the 16 Colors Ken's Icons pack. They are thought to be installed over a fresh install (no icons moved from a side to another) of AKReal 8.5

The script "Better Config" in Tools will let you change the setup with a couple of clicks with new options in this update. If you've got the Picasso rom and you add a Picasso IV Zorro III on WinUAE you can have some AGA setups but also some RTG ones:

A Mac one:

The "AKReal" one:

Or the "AmiKit PC" one:

Also if you have an Indivision MKII a new option in MorpheuZ will let you install all the drivers and also select among some of the best configurations just clicking on them.

The Radio streams have been updated too, so you can enjoy the best music with your amiga this summer just clicking on the left of the top bar -AmiKit logo- using Magellan and selecting any of the ten different streams to improve your holiday time.

ShapeShifter from Christian Bauer has been added as well. Just adding the Mac HD file, Prom and the rom you can emulate the old Macs.

A new lighter Clock, a new incredible Dock, the new 030 version of ScummVM AGA and also new games for ScummVM: A point-and-click adventure called Flight of the Amazon Queen or you can try to escape from future world Beneath a Steel Sky.

AKReal is free, but you can contribute with whatever amount you feel it is worth.

Total donations so far to the 8.5 update and to keep the project alive (daily updated):


Donations received for the update so far: 4. Thanks a lot. For me it's a proof of your interest .


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