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Old computer case that would fit a 1200?

Hi all;

I would like to transplant my A1200 board from the generic tower case that I have, into something smaller and sleeker, to keep on the desk.

I thought that I could fit the board in a A1000 case, but sadly it is too small (crying). Same goes for the CDTV, and a 4000 case is too tall.

Do you know if there is any case that fits comfortably the 1200 board, and that does not require a big deal of modding? I would love something thin and small that fits under the monitor. I can have external brick for power; that is not a problem since the desk face the wall, so the brick goes on the floor under the desk.

I was looking at Sparc20, Macintosh LC, Next Nextstation turbo color and similar form factor.

Any idea? I saw a post from a user that did a conversion of a Sparc20 case; but beside that, I am not sure what else would work....I have the measurements of the 1200 board; but the issue is not to find a case bigger than that, which will fit the board, but a case that has the internal space to accomodate the board....since it is longer than any AT standard format.

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