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It seems to me the primary value for this board is the fact that it is new hardware, which means the capacitors/resistors/ets will all be in working order, all components will just do their stuff, getting a power supply won't be any problem and it's likely to last a good while before becoming a problem.

To me this is good news, the 20-30 year old main boards in current amiga's are not going to last forever (in fact, my old A500 needed a new board a while back because the old had developed so many faults it really wasn't worth repairing anymore) and need (by todays standards) rather exotic power supplies.

The rest (faster chipmem, kickstart as flashrom, etc) seems like icing on the cake for me.

Yes, it's not really cheap, but like the C64 reloaded - it does breathe new life into the aging hardware purely by giving a means to keep the old stuff running longer

Well, that's my view anyway!
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