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Thumbs up [Megafounder] UncleART: Amiga and Frontier Stretch Goal!

Uncle Art Stretch Goal!

Holly Wrote:
Hello! Just a very quick shout, to let you know that we're now taking payments on Megafounder which uses PayPal. We're going to work toward a 50 piece orchestra stretch goal and we have until about October so that would be amazing if we get that! Tell anyone who missed the Kickstarter to find us there!

Also if you find yourself a bit more flush at any point and want to upgrade your pledge or add on your £10 Frontier single - you can go to the first reward called Kickstarter Backer Upgrade and put on the extra money there and then TELL US THAT YOU HAVE DONE THIS so we can add a note to your backer notes on here! We'll be surveying everybody near the time of shipping to make sure everybody gets what they have paid for.

Just to note the Megafounder doesn't have as many rewards as the Kickstarter as all of the signed rewards were a perk of Kickstarter backers only and likewise the Frontier Single and some of the double up bundles etc were Kickstarter only. However there are still some Jez San Signed Collector level rewards still available if you want to upgrade and also if you do fancy that fish and chips up and being Mix Consultant in the studio in Scarborough for the day then there's still a couple of these rewards left.

It'd be fantastic to get the 50 piece orchestra! We've already been talking to Abbey Road and the orchestra for booking in for somewhere in the last 2 weeks of November. It's really exciting. The next job is to find the right arranger / orchestrator to work with us but we're not rushing into anything as we need to make sure we get these Frontier pieces JUST right! I leave you with the fantastic intro sequence from Frontier on the Amiga all those years ago and let your imagination fly as to what it might sound like after November!

Stay tuned for the 50 Piece Orchestra Stretch Goal!
So this is yet another chance to grab those backer goodies. No idea how much the final 50 piece orchestra will be. For 65k (far smaller than the recent Commodore book kickstarters for example) I'd imagine they could hire 50 great guys, and for 80k they'd hire the very best.

This album WILL be made, and its in the backers hands how this roller-coaster ride will end.
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