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WinUAE and Windows time synchronization

What is really annoying for me is the apparent lag between WinUAE time and Windows time. Windows time always seems a few seconds to a minute ahead of WinUAE time.

I use GNU make on WinUAE to compile stuff for 68000. To edit sources, however, I use programs on Windows. Now there's the problem that when saving a source file under Windows and then switching into WinUAE to run "make", make fails to build anything because the source file has a modification date in the future. I then have to wait some seconds before WinUAE time finally catches up with Windows time so that I can run make. Sometimes, it's just a few seconds, but sometimes it's almost a minute which is really really annoying!

Is there any way to get rid of this lag between WinUAE time and Windows time and have both times perfectly in sync?
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