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Personally, i feel more excited by this than by any new 'chipset' with 1080p decoding and amd graphics. I mean, is the lost, the true sucessor to OCS (Not the shitty and less shitty but shitty OCS/AGA), and more important, the last computer design of one of the most talented man of computer history, Jay Minner, and the original Amiga Team of Los Gatos. It's way ahead of its time like the original one, it uses VRAM, and manages to create 1024x1024 screens of 128 colors, with improved copper & blitter & loads of DMA time. (The state-of-the-art computer of 1987 was the x68000 which can display 1024x1024 displays... at 16 colors)

We are talking about an state-of-the-art design, and the best part is: According to Jay Minner, the chipset was completed before he left Commodore So we have a true treasure here.

The question is, will it ever be reproduced/reverse-engineered? I won't hold my breath...
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