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Originally Posted by clebin View Post

I'm sure you were hoping for a nicer welcome for your first post (welcome anyway!) but you have to realise that people are tired of hearing this stuff over and over.
Hey mate. No worries, I haven't felt it was not a nice welcome, neither I expect nice welcome, I am not sensitive that much. Thanks a lot for the welcome, anyway.

Yeah, I totally know what you're saying. It's like when I said to some kids programmers that they shouldn't build AAA game as their first game, but first try to make a PAC-MAN.
I haven't realized that this was discussed many times before, actually, I searched Kickstarter for a project like this, and haven't found it. That made me curious, that nobody have even tried something like that (even failed).

And you're correct. This is off topic, so I am stopping here, and will join the discussion of Jens product

Cheers mate,
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