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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
How about Amiga that can hardware support 8K-12K pixels videos? Some really cool editing programs (like Avid, Premiere, After Effects), that have a tons of hardware driven effects, and that production houses all over the world would buy it for the film effects. Or a 3D hardware and software, where ten's of million polygons works realtime in 3D software.
Throw in, several games (the company could create one game to promote it (similar as Nintendo wih super Mario), or/and pay few other company to create "never seen" games.
And there you have it.
I know it sounds too crazy. But it all already happen in the past.
And how would any of this be an Amiga? What is Amiga to you?
PS: you can do all those things with already available technology. Again, where is the innovation?

Let's all go back to discussing Jens' new motherboards and let's leave the fan fiiction fantasy for another thread.
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