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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
The essence here is the question - 'what defines the Amiga?'
This is indeed the essence.

For me it is recapturing my personal memories of working with my Amiga (500) and playing games on it. And talking about the Amiga and the games with classmates. Soon after the A1200 came out, I moved on to PC and so I have little connection with Amiga after that. I've had a few tricked out Amigas and for me that doesn't recapture my memories and I sold them. I felt too close to emulation.

The new hardware by Jens meets (and exceeds) my needs/wants. I simply want a easy to use Amiga (500). I want the real deal or close to it. Emulation doesn't cut it. The new motherboard provides me with a hopefully more future proof system. And I will be happy to try it out.
And I think there are more people with similar needs.

I can imagine that people that have fond memories of a more advanced and tricked out Amiga or are even still using those today are not very satisfied by the new hardware. This is reflected in most of the opinions posted on this forum and on other sites as well. As a lot of members have more advanced Amigas.
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