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Nice points guys. Let me try to answer on some.

Let me dream a little bit more.

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Why? Because you need a team of engineers. I think this is really too big task for one man.
Of course I didn't meant one man. One man can't lead the whole campaign. Several people (why not Jens and some of his co-workers) could lead it, some people would join later, and help (for example: with skills on audio video presentation to help them advertise the Kickstart project), maybe even some ingineers, that spent childhood with the Amiga.

Originally Posted by BigFan View Post
Have you had a look at amiga related kickstarter campaigns lately? Is there any project raising a million dollar fund? or half a million?
Yes, but these campaigns are nowhere similar nor big as this would be. Ask yourself: how much time you would spent reading a campaign about new amiga, or campaign: some documentary about amiga?

Originally Posted by BigFan View Post
You are talking about a market of less than 10k customers. You'll never reach any goal that enables research & development.
10k customers is an active customers. What about passive? What about those who never heard of amiga, but still would want to buy it?
Let's play with numbers, even it's not accurate at all: How many people bought Amiga 500 back day? Let's say 1 million (even I think the number it's higher). So, we have 1 million people out there from 30 to 50-60 years old, that could be customers. I don't know any person, any at all, that once had Amiga, and that it wouldn't be interested in project. If half of milion give 10$, that's 5 million dollars. And some would give more. Some would give even they didn't hear of Amiga.

Originally Posted by BigFan View Post
You have to come up with beef not with promises. Where is the prototype to convince anyone in backing this?
Sure, that's the hardest part. The campaign would actually involve making of the prototype (backers pay that prototype is made). The idea with the prototype could be explained with video animation, interviews... for example.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Again: what for??
If that was a question back then, when Amiga 1000 was invented, it would never been invented (sorry for my bad english).

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
What is "today's standards'? Who will make any software for it?
What is the difference in having your main desktop say "amiga", Mac or PC if all you gonna do is login to Facebook and watch Netflix?
Actually, I'v meant: Above today standards.
If you want something to be sold, and repeat glorious past of the Amiga, that Amiga should rock, and heavy metal

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Not even one proponent of "the Amiga of today" has explained exactly what they want from it and what would make it stand out so much that it'd be a must have item worthy of the revolution the original caused.
Ok, let me try to be more concrete.
How about Amiga that can hardware support 8K-12K pixels videos? Some really cool editing programs (like Avid, Premiere, After Effects), that have a tons of hardware driven effects, and that production houses all over the world would buy it for the film effects. Or a 3D hardware and software, where ten's of million polygons works realtime in 3D software.
Throw in, several games (the company could create one game to promote it (similar as Nintendo wih super Mario), or/and pay few other company to create "never seen" games.
And there you have it.
I know it sounds too crazy. But it all already happen in the past.

P.S. Augmented reality could also be the answer. Playing a lot's of games, wearing a glasses. Strategy with soldiers making war on your home desk. Why not? Or, much crazier dream: some hologram invention.
I believe that everything is possible.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
The moment you put standard hardware in it the moment it becomes just a PC. And there are plenty of PCs out there already.
But of course! I am talking about brand new hardware all the time.

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