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Originally posted by killergorilla

The pinball series was amazing. Dreams, Fantasies and Illusions all made some serious hours of fun. And to be honest no pinball game has ever come close. Especially not the one you get free with Windows.
Well - I consider 'Slamtilt' the zenith of Pinball on the amiga - , even though none of the tables are as fine as 'Law'n'Justice' in Pinball Illusions, at least all 4 tables were seriously playable -unlike the other two in Illusions - which were a bit pants, to be honest. But not as influential - as the topic says.

I'd give a vote for Zelda on the Snes too. It was one of the best (and only) action-rpgs and frankly it kicked serious ass. It wasn't the first Zelda but it was certainly (IMO) the best.
Never played it, but just got the GBA version - supposed to be the same game - looking forward to many hours in bed with this!
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