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The project would be about: a brand new Amiga, for today standards. Even it involves buying every license necessary, developing a complete new hardware, researching new technologies (with complete uniques, and creativity, as we all know that Amiga was before 30 years), even if it requires millions of dollars (or tens of millions)?
Hope dies last.
Have you had a look at amiga related kickstarter campaigns lately? Is there any project raising a million dollar fund? or half a million?

You are talking about a market of less than 10k customers. You'll never reach any goal that enables research & development.

You have to come up with beef not with promises. Where is the prototype to convince anyone in backing this?

Sorry, but this is just a dream. Now you know why no one seriously starts on that.
And to have a piece of concept art or a silly rpi clone is junk that smells like rat. Where is the operating system that runs on your machine?

Too much to be done. Really.
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