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Hi there everyone!
I am a new member here, though I was lurking quite a while.

Big support to Jens, and the new product he is making. I am not so versatile in hardware, so I don't have any suggestion, and will just wait to see what he is preparing for us.

These past few years, not once, my mind was crossed with a thought: Why nobody starts a Kickstarter campaign? I mean: A BIG CAMPAIGN.
The project would be about: a brand new Amiga, for today standards. Even it involves buying every license necessary, developing a complete new hardware, researching new technologies (with complete uniques, and creativity, as we all know that Amiga was before 30 years), even if it requires millions of dollars (or tens of millions)?
I know this may sounds childish, and too utopistic, but if David Braben succeed in creating campaign for Elite, and Chris for a Star Citizen, these are only games (though, a really good ones), but Amiga is something much bigger.
I am positive that there are enough of us, Amiga fans, all around the world that are willing to contribute a really large amount of money (of course, the campaign would need to be really aggressive (but not annoying), so almost everyone who ever used, or hear of Amiga could find about it)). Video presentations, facebook shares, every possible advertise.

Or, even better, a several campaigns, with a strictly defined parts, with a big goal: a brand new Amiga.

I apologize for this long (first) post.

Cheers to everyone.
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