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Final RTG version now available on AmiNet. I've just done a combined release for 040/060 because I no longer have the time to do separate builds.

I've done something a little bit funky with this new version, you can now use the Magic of the Amiga to specify a different screen resolution for the Launcher than what's used by the game. This allows you to have a nice looking 1280x720 Launcher screen and still run DOTT really fast in native 320x240.

I did try and introduce CyberGFX Scalers but they look really ugly in WinUAE and I've no way of testing on a real machine.

I also tried to do a 'proper' SDL port with a Window mode for AmiKit but unfortunately the colors were all screwed up

Can someone with a 'real' RTG Amiga give this new version and go and see if the Screen resolution switching is working OK (eg Launcher to DOTT then back to Launcher).

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