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In my professional life, where results counts and lack of functionality means lost revenue, open source is king, as functionality can be added and interfaces maintained in reasonable fashion. When "special needs" occure with proprietary software, all we can do is shrug and send a feature request that may or may not be dealt with, while we twiddle our thumbs. I recall waiting more than 2 years on support for something simple as proper certificate handling for https in a proprietary economy system (heck, most proprietary systems to this day do not do chained certificates correctly - HP, I am looking at you, your ILO solutions suck at certificate chains! You too VMware!). Also proprietary software suck at implementing internet standards, convincing a company that IPv6 support is essential is like trying to do agility training with a cow. No, that is unfair to the cow. Likewise explaining how database backends work for people that try to push proprietary web solutions. No, please, I rather do these fights with open source software, where the end result can be shared and improved by people with actual skills... reminds me how I once had a consultant from a big well known company, doing manual search and replace using notepad, on a dump from an Oracle DB, in relation to an upgrade. She was paid by the hour of course. I showed her how to do it in a more capable editor and invited her out on icecream for the next 30 minutes.
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