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Originally Posted by JonSick View Post
I have to say though, the tone of argument against what I'm saying is strikingly similar to suggesting to someone that illegally downloading GBs worth of recorded music is in some way criminal and/or morally wrong. I have personally seen artists who have attacked music pirates drawn over the coals at the mere suggestion (e.g. the lead singer from the band Terror).
We live in a world of judgement, and comparing one judgement against another will always have a similarity.

I like your thoughts on open source though. I do however think it's a good business model, if you want to imprison your code by using a GPL license. There's a project I'd use, but I can't because the license clashes. But you can buy your way around the license. And I can look at the source code and say to myself, there's nothing like this and someone has worked away and made something special, they deserve money. But because of circumstances, it's locked away from me despite being right there.
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