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Workbench CANDI Prefs utility released on AMIStore

Workbench CANDI Prefs utility
A new preferences tool for Workbench CANDI

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to introduce CANDI Prefs, a new simple but powerful preferences utility for Workbench CANDI.

Workbench CANDI introduced the world of composite desktop animation to the AmigaOS. Utilising the power of the hardware compositing engine built into the RadeonHD drivers, CANDI totally integrates with the AmigaOS Workbench and uses the graphics card's GPU to deliver smooth Workbench animations without compromising hardware performance.

Whether it's wispy clouds with a rotating Boing Ball or shimmering, silvery bubbles gently floating upwards and over a retro Amiga Copper background, the CANDI anim-ation effects are simultaneously calm-ing and impressive.

CANDI is fully compatible with the AmigaOS screen dragging feature and more import-antly works seamlessly with hardware accelerated compositing video play-back introduced with the RadeonHD v2.4 drivers.

The new CANDI Prefs utility enables full control of the dynamic CANDI powered Workbench and incorporate the following key features:-

* Workbench CANDI can be started from WBStartup prefs or manually from the CANDI Prefs icon.

Ability to choose single or multiple CANDI backdrops and automatically cycle between them.
* A new custom static backdrops option.
* Choose between dynamic and static CANDI backdrops and automatically cycle between them.
* Mix dynamic CANDI animations with custom static backdrops.
* Change the cycle/rotation time for both dynamic and static backdrops.
* A LowCPU option for machines with less powerful CPUs.
* Enable or disable Ringhio notific-ations while starting and changing an animated background.
* Turn CANDI backdrops ON/OFF.

Candi Prefs is now part of the Workbench CANDI package, FREE to existing users and is available from AMIStore for new users.

Recommended System requirements :
AmigaOS4.1 - Final Edition, RadeonHD v2.10 drivers, a higher specification RadeonHD gfx card

Developers: EntwickerX (Frank Menzel & Thomas Claus)
Artwork/Graphics: EntwicklerX/Kevin Saunders

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