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Originally Posted by brett71 View Post
And further than that, the people talking about "pushing the platform forward" usually are only talking about hardware. I've felt that way as well. But what about the software side? AmigaOS, compared to MacOS, Windows or Linux, is inadequate and antiquated on so many levels, while it may have some nice features to it at the same time. Just talking about security alone, it's completely non-existent within AmigaOS. The operating system would also need a total overhaul, pushing THAT part of the platform forward just as much as the hardware's capabilities.
Agreed about the software part.
However, writing an OS is a huge undertaking that would require either a dedicated team of devs or some crazy loner in the basement to dedicate his life to that task... but then theres all the, by now, pointless copyright issues and other legal hassle as if the old OS still held some serious commercial value.
What you are asking is something like AROS but that only managed to split the community even further.
The serious development of 68k Amiga OS stopped precisely because it was decided that the *hardware* running it was obsolete and the choice fell on PPC instead.
Its kind of "catch 22". If the hardware runs into a dead end the sofware development can only get so far...

New hardware might just inspire people to re-animate the dead software.
With FPGA tech magically bringing us 68k tech that never actually existed we kind of stretch the old limits a bit.
If we can have a 200MHz 060 maybe some new challanges will inspire people to get back an develop for 68k Amiga OS.
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