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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Why is there a NEED to "push the platform forward"? This is what I don't understand. Does everyone who likes the Amiga REALLY want to replace their Mac/PC with an Amiga or something? (which you can actually do already with one of those Amiga One boards or whatever).

Otherwise what is the point of "pushing it forward"? Why add functionality to a system that not only runs fine, but it's also largely unexplored and therefore open to much more investigation and research in the software area (if there was any interest)?
I understand the need of connectivity to more largely available and modern peripherals (USB mice, flat screen TVs, modern storage/transfer media), but other than that, what exactly is that people want?
And further than that, the people talking about "pushing the platform forward" usually are only talking about hardware. I've felt that way as well. But what about the software side? AmigaOS, compared to MacOS, Windows or Linux, is inadequate and antiquated on so many levels, while it may have some nice features to it at the same time. Just talking about security alone, it's completely non-existent within AmigaOS. The operating system would also need a total overhaul, pushing THAT part of the platform forward just as much as the hardware's capabilities.
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