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Hi Toni, I have two pictures for you, the picture at left is the wrong filter image, at right is the correct one.

The config below is a simplified one.
The logs are below, too (3.2b3).

RTG doesnt seens to borrow Native filters anymore, but RTG filter appears stretched. May be HLSL filter problem? It can be fixed while in fullscreen by toggling on and off any of RTG scaling options on WinUAE 3.1, on 3.2b3 it dont seem to make any difference.

EDIT: I found that the HLSL filter renders flat borders (first picture) when the WinUAE window or screen resolution is greater than RTG screen mode. I guess there should be some problem, because the HLSL filter only renders flat borders when the picture ends prematurely before the filters overscan limit (and the curvature gets filled with black).

EDIT2: Ah, about the curvature, I needed to disable aspect ration correction -- it was resizing the Amiga screen and rendering black bars around it. I think now is everything OK.

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