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Originally Posted by Kitchen2010 View Post
There are some good information sources on the PC bridgeboards that I know:
• "Commodore Amiga A500/A2000 Technical Reference Manual"
Yeah, I know. It is the only existing documentation. Problem is that it only documents hardware, it does not document how and what drivers do. Usually with complex hardware there is no need to emulate everything but it is very difficult to guess (for example which bits of some control register can be ignored) without some example code.

section 5 - Amiga Hard Disk/SCSI Controller is about the A2090(A) harddisk controller. Maybe are you interested in this section, too ?
That chapter was main information source for already implemented emulation. (It does not help much with ST-506 side because it is controlled with Z80 code!)

• There is the driver software "AT Utilities" written by Thomas Dreibholz as replacement for the original Commodore's Janus software. It was open-sourced under GPL 2 in 2000 and are downloadable from Aminet with its sourcecode. Maybe it is useful for the bridgeboard card's special features (memory map and registers) ?
Interesting and probably helpful but too early to say anything else.. (Except that comments are in german)
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