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I just bought a Boomerang CD32 Pad, to play those CD32 games I have. I'm having srange kind of problems with quite a many CD32 game. Typically, I boot from the Emulator floppy and the game loads ok. It seems to work, but it freezes/hangs up when loading a new level, for example. This happens with Zool 2 , for example. The game loads ok and seems to work perfectly, I complete first stage 1.1, Then, after pressing fire on "get ready area 1.2" screen, the screen turns black and nothing happens. I guess the CD rom drive should "spin up" at that moment; could this be a hardware issue ..?! :-o
As I mentioned, I have found some kind of symmetry/similarity on these game freezings, I think it does to have something with the CD rom drive "ignition". :-o
I 'm using A4000D with os 3.9 installed, and have an LG CDRW drive. It's connected to the internal IDE bus, as is my hardrive. I'm wondering if I'd be better off with a SCSI CD drive, regarding CD32 emulation..?! Any ideas /experiences ??! :-)
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