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Screaming oldie, but not a goodie!

I recently bought Screaming Wings for HOL purposes as it's an old game from 1987 that seems to be quite rare (in both original and budget release form). Unfortunately, in this case, rare = old dog turd that the likes of Tiertex would've been proud of!!!

Can't say I'd heard of Screaming Wings, let alone played it, until I came across it on Ebay. After booting up the game I was pleasantly surprised to find a 1942 clone, but when I started playing it all I wanted to do was punch out my Amiga!

Frankly, I've played SEUCK PD games on the C64 that are more enjoyable and entertaining than this. Worse still, it looks to be a piss-poor Atari ST port of the worst kind. Anyone else played this game?!
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