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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
Well, that settles it then. Today's music and code, which JonSick has spent several lifetimes thoroughly exploring to its ultimate depths, is crap, because it's not being disseminated by a centralized, proprietary tastemaker. Case closed, thread over.
Actually, that's counter to my point. The fact that music is now a lot worse, the centralized tastemakers are now able to hold to ransom both their own incorporated artists and underground artists. With underground artists being overshadowed by the sheer miles of crap that muddy the waters, the centralized tastemakers have never had a better time of spewing out their formulaic crap. The result? Music overall, in my humble 34 year experience as a musician, has certainly and substantially lessened in quality.

With open source - and I'm not saying this is fact - the sheer amount of crap that's around which either doesn't work or not very well overshadows almost any other free and open source material which is worth its salt. With all this crap knocking about, paid software houses know they can get away with a substantially lower quality and get away with it. Two words, E...A...

While I'm not totally dissing on open source - I contribute to some projects myself - I really don't think it's a sustainable model by in large.
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