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Ok I have zero intentions of lecturing Jens of manufacturing costs, however I will use some simple logic to question some of the "facts" in his latest (long) post.
Some ppl point at the cost of pure hardware while Jens sees the final number after software dev has been paid for. That sure makes sense from his perspective...Fine... however...

Capable AMD GPUs were available to PPC Amiga ppl (nemo board, sam etc) long before there were any drivers that actually utilized the the GPU in a meaningful way. Still ppl went out and bought them (It took a good while but now they are selling drivers for it that actually make more use of all that power.).
My only point here is that the *final* price of a certain feature Jens is giving is not *actually* known. If he released hardware features without the software (because they were cheap to implement) who knows what hobbyists would do with it after a while. And if someone wants get a few bucks for it they could sell the drivers for each such feature.
That being said... I am not proposing this as an actual strategy.. just pointing out that the calculations were based on some specific assumptions and sometimes things work out a bit differently.

(Unless Jens has plans to produce new / updated reloaded boards every so often (doubtful) then this is the hardware a lot of Amigans will be "stuck" with for the foreseeable future. )
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