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Originally posted by Mr Creosote
Show me any Abandonware site which says it is legal. Sorry, but what you claim is simply not true! It has been very common to claim Abandonware is legal until early '99, but nowadays, it's just a few "old*****" sites who still do.

Edit: the word w-a-r-e-z is somehow censored out automatically....
As your quote by me stated, I never said that abandonware sites claim it is legal. I used the words: Concept. Portrayed. There's a whole lot of ways this can be peddled, but obviously if these sites host the games, they have to give the impression that it is OK to do so.

But I don't even visit abandonware sites anymore. I only end up there when I am following Google links after a search, so it's incidental. Fans harbouring old CGA and EGA games has always been a joke, in my mind since I hated those games then and now.
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