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Problems with WinUAE 3.1.0 and Catweasel

Hello Folks,

i used WinUAE 3.1.0 with no Problems, evering was fine.
Now i have installed a Catweasel MK3 und read the instructions on
So i installed TVicPort.dll in the folder where winuae.exe lives (i also tested with winio.dll).

As i'm told in the doc i *did not* install the Catweasel drivers.
On the Amiga-Side i installed the latest multidisk.device (V3.65) and created a mountlist.
Also i ticked the Catweasel-ZII-Box on the Expansion-Tab.

Now if i mount the Drive i always get a "Not a DOS-Disk" and there is no access to the Drive.

But in the log i con see, that the TVicPort.dll (or winio.dll) gets initialized and the MK3 was found.

So here are my Questions: Do i have to install any kind of pci.library?
Do i have to install the Catweasel-Drivers from icomp?
Is there somethin else i'm missing?

Also i noticed, if i tick the Catweasel-ZII-Box i get continously Key-Down-Events with Code 0x7F. I think this has to do with either Keyboard or Joystick Hardwarefeatures of the Catweasel, but i have nothing connected to those Ports, only the 34-Pin Floppyconnector.

I hope someone can help me on this issue.

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