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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Bridgeboard Amiga special features are biggest problem and weird shared memory addressing. Unless you get it accidentally right, debugging will be painful.
There are some good information sources on the PC bridgeboards that I know:
• "Commodore Amiga A500/A2000 Technical Reference Manual" - Section 4 - PC Bridgeboard (p.109ff) contains a fairly complete technical overview of the A2088T/A2088XT/A2286 bridgeboard card:
- section 4.1: description of PC/XT emulator for Amiga 2000 (p. 109-120):
complete memory listing of the PC/Amiga memory interface:
p. 109: interface memory map
p. 110f: PC memory and I/O map, Amiga memory map
p. 111f: AT memory and I/O map, Amiga memory map
p. 112ff: PC/AT I/O register map
p. 115ff: Amiga i/O memory map, PC-side/Amiga-side interrupt status register
p. 119f: Block diagram of the bridgeboard card
- section 4.2: BIOS entry points (p. 121-130):
complete description of the BIOS entry points with input/output registers
- section 4.3: Janus-Library (p. 131-158):
complete description of the public functions of the Janus.Library and complete listing of the C include files

section 5 - Amiga Hard Disk/SCSI Controller is about the A2090(A) harddisk controller. Maybe are you interested in this section, too ?

(Link to "Commodore Amiga A500/A2000 Technical Reference Manual")

• There is the driver software "AT Utilities" written by Thomas Dreibholz as replacement for the original Commodore's Janus software. It was open-sourced under GPL 2 in 2000 and are downloadable from Aminet with its sourcecode. Maybe it is useful for the bridgeboard card's special features (memory map and registers) ?

I cite from the author's website (link):
"1992 – 1997: The ATUtilities Project
A replacement for the Commodore Amiga 2086/2286/2386 Bridgeboard driver software. It is the result of a reverse engineering of the original drivers in order to overcome their limitations. The system is written in C, with some hardware-near parts in Assembler. This software has been shareware and is now Open Source."

-ATUtilities 4.0os - A replacement for Commodore's Bridgebaord software
-ATUtilities 4.0 - Replacement for the CBM PC/AT Bridgeboard drivers - Now *Open Source*!

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