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My Amigas

Ok, I got my A-500 in X-mas 1990 ( together with an A520 TV converter ), but I had to add some money myself which I had saved before.
Little bit later I got a 512k memory expansion, and also about the same time I got a cheap 1010 external diskdrive from a company going bancrupt.
So this was my Amiga system for years.

Only recently, when I realised that used Amiga hardware can be bought real cheap, I got another A-500, a 4.5Mb Ram expanison, a kickswitcher with kick 2.0, a 1084S monitor ( sadly broken ), and a midi module.
Also I have borowed a 20MB HD and SCSI interface from a friend a while ago.

Although I got a PC in 1997 I never stopped playing games on my Commodore Amiga and C64 computers.
These old machines still rule !!

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