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Toni Wilen
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Beta 3:

- CD and sound card audio are now always resampled with Anti interpolator before it gets mixed with Paula audio stream. Previously it used very crude resampling method.
- ES1370 (SB128) emulation fixed, DMA length register was not reset when playback was restarted. (I don't understand how it would have ever worked in QEMU without sound glitches)
- Added "Full PCI DMA" option to PCI bridges that in real world don't have Amiga to/from PCI DMA support (Prometheus and Mediators). Default is off = emulates real hardware limits.
- Validate PCI DMA addresses, log message and return random data if trying to access unsupported address or if attempting to access Amiga address space and bridge does not have full PCI DMA support. (Probably becomes HALT-something if real hardware simply hangs in this situation)
- 68040 MMU mode hardware bus error not caused by MMU had incorrectly status register ATC bit set.
- More reliable A2410 resolution switching.
- A2410 framebuffer space is also mirrored at the beginning of TMS34010 address space.
- Implemented A2410 TMS34010 to/from Amiga address space DMA feature. So far no programs found that uses it.
- Emulate 68020/030 prefetch pipeline more accurately, branch instructions stop prefetching after last opword of branch instruction has been loaded. It reduces unnecessary memory accesses. This probably also makes 68020/030 cycle exact mode even more faster without adjusting other parts of emulation (which needed to be made faster because some other unknown part was too slow, hopefully it was this prefetch feature..) Not fully implemented yet, addressing modes that use brief or full extension words disable this feature until next branch instruction because length of instruction needs to be known in advance and in these addressing modes it can't be calculated statically.
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