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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Here's another example of a Mr. know-it-all who considers the price of the components as the main factor for the price of a product. This may be true if you produce a 40-ft container of some PC product, but not a small-scale production run (where "small scale" is anything below 50.000 pcs in the first run). If you can make a USB host controller with all the required software for 50 EUR - why don't you just do it? I'd be more than happy to quit making RapidRoad and buy your product instead. Oh wait, you'd serve all those customers... OK, well, just come out with your product.
Well , Jens, truly flattered but... - i pointed only why for me this can be a problem - don't take this too serious... especially that for many this is OK.
I know prices, You know prices - rest is marketing and business target - some people will appreciate 25E product others prefer to pay 50E for same.
I would be glad to develop something but i know also realities of making business and simply i prefer rather to do open hardware and open software instead struggle with all complaints...
And don't get me wrong - i respect what are You doing from years even if not being Your customer so thumbs up and good luck with business! (honestly no sarcasm).
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