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Originally Posted by AEV View Post
Hey Jens, for the external floppy would you consider adding a pin header or leave a place on the board where people could solder there own on (not hard but voiding warranty) to plug in a ribbon cable connection for an external floppy drive.
I'll probably go for the DS0/DS1 option on the internal connector. If people will use a drive at all, it'll be somewhere internal. I highly doubt that the DB23 connector will be used by anyone (and if so, only for part-time use), and it's way too expensive "just for the sake of having it" (expensive by means of financials as well as board real estate).

Originally Posted by IanP View Post
Keyboard options are bound to be limited to re-using an old A500 or A1200 keyboard given the target housings unless somebody hacks together or sources an alternative new keyboard solution.
Having a PS2 translator on a mainboard that uses the original keyboard-cases sounds odd to me. If I'd target some modern form factor that uses external keyboards, then yes, a PS2 keyboard would make sense. At this point, however, you'd be creating something truly Frankenstein.

Originally Posted by IanP View Post
I'd like to see a real time clock included as standard on the motherboard.
If people have an RTC on the accelerator that they choose (for example a Blizzard), they will have paid for two in that case. That's the part I want to avoid. These OKI/Ricoh-compatible chips aren't exactly easy to find, and putting them on a board as standard means you make everyone pay for it - even those who don't need it (because they want a gaming machine) or who already have one. You'd be surprised about the low percentage of RTC modules sold vs. the amount of A1200 accelerators: Only few people consider an RTC worth spending money for. Sure, everyone takes one if it's free, but at the end of the day, every chip must be paid for by someone.

Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
If you can build and sell the base model raspberry pi with usb and HDMI etc for $25 then surely Jens could include them on the Amiga reloaded without exploding the cost? Heck he could possibly include a small arm soc to handle the io, tcp etc etc and not burden the CPU with these tasks.
You still need drivers on the Amiga-side, and that's the most expensive part. I read that a lot: People consider my products expensive, because they count the $$ worth in parts on the board, and compare to the sales price. Hardly anyone sees that I have monthly bills to pay while I develop this stuff, and the same is true for my employees. So RPi as IO for the Amiga? Rather not, as it would create a 50k-EUR piece of software that talks to a 30-EUR piece of hardware. How many illegal copies do you think would exist within a blink of an eye? Any who do you think will end up paying such an expensive development?

Originally Posted by kolla View Post
How does one do early diagnostic (screen colour codes) with b/w composite signal? Or will this board have a different type of diagnostic than real (or should I say "other") Amiga systems?
I will most likely go for a few LEDs as early diagnostic (where "early" means before the monitor can show characters).

Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
Real cost of fast HW (maybe even with MC68k DMA-like coded on X-MOS for example) USB is around 5 - 10E - but i understand there is cost of software development (driver + app + testing) and profit - however surely not 50E...
Here's another example of a Mr. know-it-all who considers the price of the components as the main factor for the price of a product. This may be true if you produce a 40-ft container of some PC product, but not a small-scale production run (where "small scale" is anything below 50.000 pcs in the first run). If you can make a USB host controller with all the required software for 50 EUR - why don't you just do it? I'd be more than happy to quit making RapidRoad and buy your product instead. Oh wait, you'd serve all those customers... OK, well, just come out with your product.

Originally Posted by sardine View Post
he said the aca500 had 2mb ram because of a "technical reason", and after all the complaints low and behold,, wait we now can do aca500 8mb ram
The ACA500 was mainly a 5V-design where only the CPLD was a 5V-tolerant 3.3V-part. The ACA500 plus is over 60% more expensive than it's predecessor (130,- Vs. 80,- EUR), and uses mostly 3.3V parts. This factors in that I'm losing those customers who want a very low-cost product: I won't be able to make an 80-EUR accelerator with the specs of the ACA500plus.

Originally Posted by sardine View Post
also note this new reloaded amiga will fully support ACA12xx cards, it might support some blizzards but not his own apollo cards thats not 100% compatible when 99% of 1200 out there just work out of the box.
Note that the "Apollo" designs are not designed by me, but bought by me, so I could shelve the world's worst Amiga products that are responsible for too many Amigans leaving the hobby due to unstable computers. So no more discussion about Apollo, please: Use them if you want to, but don't bother me.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
exactly... although i kind of see the logic of not including one if it's not needed, as i see it there are two options:

1. leave a space for an optional 020 to be soldered to the board, on request, or,
2. produce a very basic 020 card
The "on request" part implies that there's a space on the board (=PCB real estate that everyone would be forced to pay for) plus support circuitry that makes the CPU work. How is that any cheaper than making the cut in the most natural location: The CPU port? I'm pretty open about the cost of the materials for the lowest-cost CPU card: The ACA1221 is pretty much sold "at cost" in it's lowest config: just under 80,- EUR incl. 19% VAT. If you remove the CPU, you save maybe a dollar, and if you remove the connector, you might save another few dollars. Give or take some extra stuff around it, you still need to calculate 70,- EUR for a CPU+RAM system that comes without CPU. This would be sitting there idle - totally useless to a good part of the customers who choose another CPU. I just hate wasting resources like that.

The audio discussion was a little lengthy, but definitely worth looking into. Thanks for that.


(next Q&A next monday!)
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