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Originally Posted by JonSick View Post
There is another problem with open source.

When music became something that everyone could create for minimal or no cost and nobody could make money from, the quality of it plummeted. Under the "dinosaur" model where artists were signed and got released, pragmatically all the crap was essentially filtered. Sure there were great underground artists, but by in large most of the "bigger" artists remained untouched.
You cannot compare arts to architecture. Music, movies, paintings, all that expresses what the creator wants you to see/hear as his/her vision.
F*ing greedy managers blocked arts that don't fill their pockets based on ecomic expectations on target market.
Yes , the crap has been filtered out, but good stuff too. Until the underground goes mainstream and they can't ignore any longer.

The crap in architecture (hard or software) is filtered too during the process of planning-creating-releasing. There might be other devs interested in continuing development or not. But there is no self-entitled supervisor judging what is good and what is bad.
Except for todays globally dominating companies, but they focus on propietary code anyway.

Just my 2 cent
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